Nondualmind’s Blog

Nondualmind’s blog is an excellent place to look if you are interested in examining some of the deeper questions that mark the human experience.  It contains a great number of insights and understandings related to what it means to be a spiritual person living in our world.  The writing on the site is strongly influenced by many significant spiritual teachers, particularly the brilliant words of Jiddu Krishnamurti. The site is chock full of powerful writing, but I found the articles on the nature of perception and the piece on the question of free will to be especially impressive.  The site also has a good number of things to say about Yoga, Astrology and Raw Foods. What really resonates about this blog is the fact that the writing feels extremely genuine and makes the reader feel as if they have a friend on this long and sometimes difficult spiritual journey.  Make sure and stop by on your way to enlightenment!

Here’s the link…

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