The Droid You Are Looking For!

A Gilkey Pleasure?

Every time I click on The Droid You Are Looking For! I nearly fall over from laughter.  The site is a collection of bizarre film and television references done up in ways that you will not believe.  If you have spent way too much of your life watching obscure Bergman films and Muppet episodes, you are really in for a show.  Ever wonder what it would be like lines from The Godfather were performed by Bollywood Actors?  It’s on there.  Ever wonder what The Last Supper would have looked like if attended by Martin Scorsese characters?  It’s on there.  Ever wonder what a Human Centipede children’s action figure might look like?  It’s on there.  Ever wonder about the similarities between Truffaut‘s L’Enfant Sauvage” and Sinbad‘s masterpiece “First Kid“?  You get the point.  (I mean, how can you not love a review that has the line “Last but not least, First Kid is rich in symbolism.”)

If you happen to be a housebound agoraphobe like myself and spend much of your time watching films AND baseball, this is even better.  I mean, how many websites evaluate Jake Taylor’s work as a manager in the movie Major League II?  There might not be another blog in the last thousand or so years to have referenced both Suzanne Somers and Bernard Gilkey.  So, my advice is, lock yourself downstairs in your Y2K shelter, turn on a good Ozark Mountain Daredevils record and do nothing but look at this blog for the next two or three months.  Don’t even bother eating or showering.  You’ll be happy you did.

Here’s the link…

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